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Superior Air Duct Sanitizing Air Ducts

How Our Technicians Accomplish Air Duct Sanitizing

The most impressive aspect of our residential and commercial air duct cleaning is the giant vacuum cleaner on the back of our truck. Air pressure generated by our truck comes from the most powerful vacuum motor in the region. Equally important is the air duct sanitizing that happens after we vacuum all the crud out. Today’s blog from Superior Air Duct Cleaning explains how our technicians accomplish air duct sanitizing

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Antimicrobial Treatment

Superior Air Duct Cleaning uses only the most effective air duct sanitizing products available. Our EPA-registered antimicrobial treatment kills bacteria and mold that may have built-up inside your ductwork. The trick is to reach every possible nook, cranny, and crevice within your ductwork. That’s where the type of product comes into play.


Much like you use a fogger to destroy any and all bugs in your home, the technicians at Superior Air Duct use a fogger that distributes the air duct sanitizer throughout your HVAC system. The fogger turns a liquid sanitizer into very tiny droplets that coat the entire inside surface of your ductwork. The product evaporates naturally over the course of a few minutes, but it sanitizes your air ducts completely. 

Negative Pressure

Air duct sanitizing works in the same way we vacuum everything out. Our technicians leave all of the vacuum equipment in place. Then we apply the fogger to make sure the sanitizer reaches all parts of your ductwork. 

How Often to Sanitize Your Air Ducts

You don’t necessarily need to have air duct sanitizing every time you have your ducts cleaned. However, it’s a good idea to sanitize your ductwork every two years if the following conditions apply:

  • Someone in your family has health concerns regarding their lungs
  • You have indoor pets
  • Your home experienced water leaks or damage
  • You suspect mold, bacteria, or fungi present in your air ducts
  • Unpleasant, lingering odors coming from your ductwork

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Air Duct Sanitizing From Superior Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct sanitizing represents one way you can maintain great indoor air quality for your home. Sanitizing your ductwork kills any microorganisms that may grow inside your HVAC system. Contact Superior Air Duct Cleaning or call toll-free 1-800-803-3828 to receive a free quote on residential air duct cleaning followed by air duct sanitizing.

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