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The Correlation Between Cigarette Smoke and Air Duct Cleaning

While you’ve heard that smoking is unhealthy, you may not know that cigarette smoke and HVAC systems are a dangerous duo. Whether you live in a house, apartment, or condo, tobacco smoke affects your home. Today, the team at Superior Air Duct Cleaning explains the correlation between cigarette smoke and air ducts. Also, if you’re quitting cigarettes, learn how air duct cleaning can help you.

Health Issues from Cigarette Smoke in Air Ducts

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is a mixture of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and smoke that the smoker exhales. It’s often referred to as “secondhand smoke,” and many ETS compounds can cause lung cancer. As tobacco smoke travels throughout your home, it migrates through your air ducts. Then, your HVAC system distributes ETS to every room. If you notice yellow stains on the walls and brownish residue on your curtains, these are warning signs that ETS is building up in your ductwork.

Continuous re-circulation of ETS leaves a sticky residue in your air ducts, and also causes you to inhale secondhand smoke throughout the day. The pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning are ready to help. After thoroughly cleaning your ductwork, our sanitizing and deodorizing service utilizes a special antimicrobial treatment that sanitizes your system and eliminates bad odors. The sanitizer will help destroy any remaining contaminants.   

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How Air Ducts Cause Cigarette Smoke to Spread

In an apartment or condo, there is a risk of third-hand smoke from a neighbor. With interconnected air vents, the residual fumes spread from one unit to another.

Residual smoke chemicals linger in the air and remain on furniture surfaces for a long time. Despite efforts to clean and vacuum your home regularly, some chemicals stagger in unreachable areas of the air vents. Each time you turn on the heat or AC, the air blows the compounds back into the inner parts.

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How Air Duct Cleaning Can Help 

If you’re a smoker, or you’ve just bought a home, and the former owners smoked, it’s best to schedule an air duct cleaning. Having a clean HVAC system not only improves your indoor air quality, but it can also help you quit smoking. When you turn the AC on, you’re essentially smelling the smokey odor, which kicks the nicotine craving back into gear. But if your air ducts are clean, you won’t smell it and want a cigarette immediately. Take care of your lungs and your HVAC system today and call the pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning. 

Call the Air Duct Cleaning Pros Today 

If you or a person in your home smokes, we recommend scheduling frequent air duct cleaning services so you can breathe cleaner air. At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we’re proud to serve many counties in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Request a free quote or call 1-800-803-3828.

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