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Why Landlords Should Perform Air Duct Cleaning When Smokers Move Out

It’s common knowledge that cigarette smoking is unhealthy not just for the smoker but also for those around them. In addition, it leaves an extremely unpleasant odor behind that can be difficult to get rid of. The fact is, simply cleaning your home won’t remove the remnants of smoke.

Whether you’re a smoker yourself and are looking to improve your home’s air quality, or you’re a property manager who recently had a smoking tenant move out, now’s the time to get professional air duct cleaning. Today, Superior Air Duct will discuss the benefits of air duct cleaning and how properties with smokers can benefit from the service.

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Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal Requires an Aggressive Approach

The real challenge of removing cigarette smoke from a property lies in the characteristics of nicotine. Nicotine is very sticky and can be difficult to remove from a home. In addition, a molecule of nicotine can remain in suspension for up to six months.

HVAC units suck in air — and everything in the air — into your ducts before redistributing cold or hot air throughout the house. If cigarette smoke happens to pass through your air ducts, the residue will quickly stick to your ducts and is nearly impossible to remove without an air duct cleaning service.

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Even worse, many of the chemicals from secondhand smoke can be harmful to those with allergies, asthma, or COPD. If you’re a smoker who is trying to quit, the remaining nicotine in the air can actually trigger your addiction, causing you to crave a cigarette. Getting a professional air duct cleaning service will help to rid your home of these dangerous chemicals and irritants.

Clean and Sanitary Air

Superior Air Duct offers sanitizing and deodorizing services, using a special antimicrobial treatment that sanitizes and removes unpleasant odors from your ducts. We also have an extremely powerful duct vacuum that removes gunk build up with a 195 horsepower motor. Our service will make a smoker’s home odor-free. For businesses such as hotels, we can remove any lingering odor that may have accumulated over time.

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The air duct cleaning service from Superior Air Duct is the best way to remove the remnants of cigarette smoke from your home. We make sure all of our clients are served effectively and efficiently. Don’t suffer from dirty air ducts any longer — allow our expert team to give you the clean and clear environment you need. Contact us in eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, or call us directly at 1-800-803-3828!

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