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When Should I Have Air Duct Cleaning Companies Service My Air Ducts?

Air ducts transport and circulate clean air from your HVAC unit throughout your home. Just like any household item, units require cleaning and maintenance to function at total capacity. Air pollutants like mold, mildew, dust, and dander collect in the ducts, which cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues like asthma. 

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association suggests cleaning your ducts every 3 to 5 years for proper health maintenance and easy breathing. In addition to a healthier lifestyle, grime-free ducts prolong the life of your HVAC unit, preventing it from overworking to push air through blocked pathways. 

Although 3 to 5 years is the standard recommendation, today’s blog by Superior Air Duct Cleaning covers what contributes to dusty ducts and how we operate as a credible competitor among air duct cleaning companies. 

Presence Of Mold Or Mildew

If you have ever noticed the presence of tiny black dots or smudges around your air ducts, without a doubt, there is a developing mold issue. Once mold becomes visible, there is a possibility the problem is greater than the surface level. 

Mold spreads very quickly in humid environments, and if your air ducts are sweating, these are optimal conditions for growth. Mold holds dirt and earthy smells, so if the issue presents itself, do not hesitate to contact a reputable air duct cleaning company like Superior Air Duct Cleaning. Our services include mold removal and disinfecting to prevent future mildew growth. 


Dust And Dander

Pet fur and dander are significant contributors to respiratory issues and clogged ducts over time. These clumps of hair not only collect on the ground but also in the air when your pets shed. 

The buildup of dust and dander lowers the performance of your unit since air cannot flow freely from the vents. The atmosphere within the home is 3 times more polluted than the outdoors, and that level of pollution circulating through your system is bound to cause health problems in the long run. If you suspect too much pet dander and dust blocking your ducts, contact your local air duct cleaning company to inspect the concern. 

Colds, Flu, And Viruses

Amid the CoronaVirus pandemic, maintaining a clean environment is more severe than ever. Consistently suffering from chronic colds or illnesses may suggest a more profound issue aside from a lack of proper hygiene or healthcare. Toxins make their way inside through your clothes and shoes, making it easy to invade your respiratory system through your air conditioning unit. 

Ways to prevent contaminants from entering your home include; removing your shoes and clothing immediately upon arrival, especially from consistent exposure to sick individuals. Another method of prevention is our sanitizing and deodorizing services. By utilizing antimicrobial cleaning agents, we chemically treat the pollutants in your ducts that cause harm. Contact Superior Air Duct Cleaning to learn more about our disinfectant treatments. 

Feel Clean With Superior Air Duct Cleaning 

For more details on our air duct cleaning services, get in touch with an air duct cleaning specialist today to learn how we will benefit your home and health. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services suitable for your home or business needs. Contact us online at our Ohio or Western Pennsylvania locations or call (724) 847-9444 for more details.

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