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Damaged air duct bit by a rat

Superior Air Duct Explains: What Causes Damaged Ductwork?

This time of year can be difficult for homeowners who are experiencing HVAC problems. Cold winter temperatures will quickly expose a damaged HVAC system. Your system depends on a network of air ducts to transport heated air to different rooms in your home. If your air ducts are damaged, they can cause poor air quality, uncomfortable temperatures, and increased utility costs. Today, Superior Air Duct Cleaning explains the common causes of ductwork damage and what you can do to avoid them.    


Mold is a toxic fungus that can be extremely harmful to your health, and it can cause the structure of your air ducts to decline. Some ducts are composed of wood or drywall, which are typical areas where mold likes to grow. As it grows, the mold can quickly spread throughout your duct system and be a major issue for your home. If black mold has been slowly eating away at your ductwork, it is probably time to replace the majority of it.

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Heavy Objects

Heavy items are often stored on the sections of ducts that run through a garage or attic. Over time, this pressure can crush your ductwork and cause it to eventually collapse in certain segments, which leads to lost air. Signs of object damage may include dents, cracks, or gaps in your air ducts. Avoid placing large objects on top of your duct system because the weight could damage your ducts and limit their airflow.         

Household Pests

During cold winter nights, animals will find shelter wherever they can. Your air ducts are often a source of comfort and warmth for mice, rats, and other pests. Not only are animals and their nest obstructions in your duct system, but they can also cause horrid odors when they crawl inside and cannot escape. If you see holes in your outdoor ducts and vents, you can seal them with a screen or mesh, and have your indoor ductwork regularly inspected for any signs of vermin inhabitants.    

Old Age

Regardless of the original material, every type of ductwork experience decays with age. Parts of old ductwork may be inclined to leak or collapse if left unattended. When portions of ductwork collapse, it can obstruct airflow and cause your HVAC system to work extra hard to balance the lack of circulated air. This problem will then raise your home’s utility bill. The good news, however, is that a strong HVAC system should last for many years. Also, if you have your air ducts cleaned regularly, it can help preserve their lifespan.    

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Superior Air Duct Cleaning: Professional, Courteous, Efficient

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