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Pests That Can Get Into Your Ductwork

Rodents and insects are unpleasant to think about, especially if they get inside the home. But when homeowners disregard proper maintenance or have older HVAC systems, pests can sometimes raid parts of the system. If they get trapped, some pests are large enough to cause damage to your HVAC system, and the smaller ones still present health risks. Today, Superior Air Duct Cleaning identifies five pests that can get inside the ductwork in your home.   



Most spiders can fit into tight areas. They can get into your ductwork, indoor AC unit, and vents unless you conduct proper cleaning and maintenance. Since many spiders have potent venom to harm humans, they present a health risk. To deal with one or two spiders, you can use commercial insecticides. If venomous spiders are a concern, contact the experts.

Mice And Rats

Rodents are known for crawling into small spaces. Mice and rats can use duct material to build nests, and they may chew through other HVAC components, causing significant damage and expensive repairs. If you’re concerned about rodents in your ductwork, contact a pest control service for extermination. You can also set mouse traps near the air vents around your home.

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Raccoons And Squirrels

Most ground squirrels hibernate during the winter, but tree squirrels do not. These larger critters, along with raccoons, can chew through your ductwork, scamper through it, and possibly cause damage. If you hear the critters scurrying in your ductwork or attic, call an animal control company to trap and remove them. Afterward, we can clean your ductwork to eliminate any waste or animal remains.     


Cockroaches’ slender bodies allow them to squeeze through tiny cracks. These pests prefer cool, dark places to nest, which they may find in ductwork. Nobody wants roaches in their homes because they are gross and can carry diseases. If cockroaches have invaded your home, contact a pest control company for professional extermination. However, you should also keep up with the maintenance of your HVAC system to prevent re-infestation.   


Snakes pursue warm shelter during the colder months. Sometimes they like to nest in your air ducts, which also means they might breed there. But you can take steps to deter snakes, and it begins in your yard. Keep your garden free of weeds, mow your lawn frequently, and avoid leaving holes that could be a hiding place for a snake.   

Superior Air Duct Cleaning Can Help

Animals create very unpleasant smells in your home. Our technicians will thoroughly clean your ductwork to make sure that no pests remain in the cracks and crevices. We’ll also alert you of any animal problems when we perform residential duct cleaning. Contact Superior Air Duct Cleaning today for a free quote.  

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