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What’s This Sticky Residue in My Air Ducts?

Is there a coating on your air duct that is difficult to clean or wipe away? If so, there is an issue with your air conditioning system. Clogged or blocked air ducts prevent circulation throughout the household causing the system to either work too hard or structurally fail altogether. Dust, grime, dirt, and debris are all culprits of a malfunctioning HVAC unit. If you suspect your air ducts are blocked, or a sticky substance keeps showing up, today’s blog will explain why that happens and preventative measures to take.  


Change Your Air Filter

A flawed filtration system leads to excess build-up in your air registers. If you detect any sticky residue in your air duct, you most likely have a moisture concern. 

Moisture is a precursor to a more significant issue that may worsen over time. Dirt and grime amplify when moisture comes in contact. The mixture may gather together to sit and solidify in your vent system. The best course of action is changing your filtration system right away and then regularly replacing the filter every 2 to 3 months for proper maintenance. 


Dust and Dirt Streaks

If there is an area where a lot of filth and debris accumulate, this combination gets mixed up in your central airways. The dirt you see lining up along the air duct, and vent edges are the combination of your HVAC and air particles interacting with one another. In addition, excessive or even insignificant moisture can pose a problem. With excessive moisture, sticky specks linger in the air and may end up in your air duct, creating molded dirt. Likewise, when the air is too dry, dirt mites may also end up in your vents. Our Superior Air Duct Cleaning company services are ideal for combating these common household dilemmas. Our skilled professionals will walk you through the root of the problem and offer solutions to prevent it from retaking the place. Together we can create optimal conditions for you and your family to breathe easy. 


Contact a Superior Air Duct Cleaning Professional


Keeping up with household maintenance is a daunting task. Let our knowledgeable air duct cleaning team fix your ventilation issues and ease your strife. We offer residential, commercial, and duct cleaning services suitable for your household needs. As a NADCA certified company, rest easy knowing there is a cleaning brand you can trust. If you have questions and concerns about your air ducts, contact us online or call 1-800-803-3828 for more information.


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