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What Are Some Items That Affect the Air In Your Home?

Did you know that certain household items can have an impact on indoor air pollution? The air in your home can be more polluted than the outdoors, but there are some things you can do to maintain a healthy environment. Read today’s blog from Superior Air Duct Cleaning to learn more.    

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What Are VOCs?

Air fresheners, paints, and other products produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can contribute to poor air quality in your home. If you inhale them, the compounds can be harmful to your health.    


Everyday Items That Affect the Air


Candles smell nice, and they set the mood. However, their ultra-fine particles contribute to the exposure of indoor particulate matter, which correlates to lung inflammation. Scented candles can also release a harmful chemical compound called formaldehyde. If you must use them in your home, choose candles made from soy or beeswax.

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Air Fresheners

Air fresheners may make your home smell great, but they can cause health problems. When you spray an air freshener, it diffuses VOCs into the air which could cause many symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, eye irritation, nose discomfort, and more. Extended exposure can cause asthma and other serious side effects. To keep your air smelling clean, use a HEPA air filter, turn on a fan, or open a window.


Be careful about storing open paint cans in your home or garage. If you directly inhale paint fumes, it can make you lightheaded. Nearly empty cans can emit VOC gases and cause issues with your air quality. Some VOCs have even been known to cause cancer. Choose low-VOC paints for less air pollution in your home. 

What You Can Do

To reduce your exposure to VOCs, we recommend storing candles, paint cans, and air fresheners outdoors. Seal surfaces that contain hazardous compounds and be aware of the ingredients in products that you use. Taking these simple steps can help prevent health issues at home.    

Air Duct Cleaning Can Help

While you can avoid certain household products for the short term, you can’t remove everything from your home. Your HVAC system usually pulls the air in your home and recirculates it many times each day. Eventually, this recirculation can lead to a mass of contaminants in your ductwork. Proper air duct cleaning can improve the ventilation in your home and reduce the pollutants that may be hidden in your air ducts and in the air you breathe. 

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