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Superior Air Duct And Preparing For Air Duct Cleaning

Site preparation is an important element of every successful duct cleaning service. Before the job begins, there are things that you can review and evaluate to help ensure the service goes as smoothly as possible.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning Service is a comprehensive air duct cleaning service for residential homes. In today’s blog, the pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning offer some tips for preparing for a duct cleaning service.

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Clear Work Areas

Prior to the contractor’s arrival, ask the air duct cleaning service for the amount of space needed around each air vent register. Also, inquire about how much space will be needed around the furnace and air conditioner. It’s best to have these areas cleared before the contractor arrives. This allows the air duct cleaning contractor to devote more of their time to cleaning the air vent registers rather than cleaning workspaces.

Pet Safety

If pets are going to be present during the air duct cleaning process, be sure to inform the technician of what preparations you will make to ensure the safety of both the pets and the technician. In some instances, homeowners can have the ventilation lines serving an independent room cleaned, and then secure the pets within that room. If you intend to leave the home while the duct cleaning is performed, inform the technician of precautionary measures to keep the pet inside the home.

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If children will be present during the air duct cleaning process, discuss tools, equipment, and job site safety procedures with the kids. Also, duct cleaning can often be a noisy procedure. If you have a child with sensitivity to loud noises, you may want to arrange for them to be elsewhere while the cleaning is performed.

Do A Walk-Through With The Air Duct Technician

Prior to starting the work, the contractor and homeowner should perform a walk-through of the home to go over how each component of the HVAC system will be cleaned and accessed. Discuss where protective coverings such as drop cloths and corner guards should be.

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