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Signs That Your Ducts May Be Leaking Air

Your home’s HVAC system has many parts, including vents, an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a system of ductwork. If you notice that your heating and cooling system is not working correctly, leaks in your air ducts could be causing the problem. But how do you know if there are leaks in your ductwork? Today, Superior Air Duct Cleaning identifies some signs that your ducts may be leaking, and we explain what you can do to fix it. 

Signs That Your Ducts May Be Leaking 

Air duct leaks can cause common problems. Here are some signs of ductwork issues:

Poor Comfort

Leaking air ducts create uneven hot and cold spots in your home, which reduces comfort in certain areas. If the air feels stuffy, or if certain rooms are difficult to heat and cool, your ductwork may be leaking air.  

High Utility Bills

The next sign is a recent surge in your utility bills. If you feel that you’re not getting a return on your HVAC investment, examine your bills and check your ducts (if you can) for leaks. When ductwork leaks air, it spills air outside and adds to your energy bill.

A Dusty Home

Some dust in your home is normal, but an excessive amount is an issue. Over time, dust builds up in your attic or basement. Ductwork that has collapsed, broken, or leaked can pull in dust and disperse the particles into your home. Large amounts of dust can lead to allergy attacks.  

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Don’t Use Duct Tape on Your Ducts 

Your duct network must be completely sealed to maintain peak efficiency. But contrary to its name, duct tape is not useful on actual ductwork. It does not respond well to temperature variations, which frequently occurs in air ducts. If you try using regular duct tape on your ducts, the adhesive would soon fail and leave leaks in the system. Then, these leaks may result in energy loss and costly utility bills.   

What You Can Do

Some HVAC-specific tapes are tested to perform in rigorous conditions. Some products that can withstand immense temperature changes include duct mastic, foil-backed tape, and injected aerosol sealant. While you can seal leaking ducts on your own, some of your ductwork is located in areas that are difficult to access. It’s best to consult a professional to find and seal the leaks in your HVAC system. 

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