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Preventing Allergy Problems With A Duct Cleaning Service

How Duct Cleaning Service Helps With Allergies

Picture this: you’re dusting your furniture and all the airborne dust you’ve brushed up flies back at you. If you have allergies, this often will result in a sneezing fit. This same situation can happen throughout your home if you haven’t hired a duct cleaning service in a while. When your HVAC blows air through ducts that are covered in dust and dirt, allergens and other contaminants are blown throughout your home. A residential duct cleaning service is designed to remove these irritants, improving your air quality and reducing allergy symptoms. Today, Superior Air Duct will discuss this link between dirty ducts and allergies in closer detail.


Contaminants That Are Distributed Through Your Ducts

When considering a duct cleaning service, it is important to realize that your HVAC system is responsible for air circulation in your home. Some of the things that can cause irritation are:

  • Pollen: Pollen is the number one cause of airborne allergies and your air duct system distributes it throughout your home if left uncleaned. Pollen is brought into your home on your clothes or through open doors and windows. Any pollen that makes it through your vent filters will simply be re-distributed by your HVAC, causing major problems for allergy sufferers.
  • Dust Mites: Keeping your home dust-free is impossible if your HVAC is constantly spewing dust that has built up in your ducts. Dust mites are one of the most impactful irritants for allergy sufferers. Cleaning the dust and subsequent mites with a duct cleaning service will help to prevent the redistribution of these contaminants by your HVAC.
  • Mold And Mildew: If moisture happens to enter your duct system, it can lead to mold and mildew development. If your ducts are moldy, it can not only trigger allergic reactions but can actually worsen symptoms by damaging your immune system over time.
  • Pet Dander: While we all love our pets, we don’t love the dander that spreads from their skin. There are estimates that 30% of people have allergic reactions to cats and dogs in the US. Your ductwork may be spreading this dander throughout your home.

What Residential Duct Cleaning Can Do For Your Home

A professional duct cleaning service can remove these irritants and contaminants from your duct system, reducing your allergy symptoms. They also help remove odors and humidity from reducing your home’s air quality. If you suffer from allergies or simply haven’t had your ducts cleaned recently, it may be time to give Superior Air Duct a call. Our company services a number of locations including Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. If you think you could benefit from residential air duct cleaning, call our team today at (724) 847-9444.

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