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Superior Air Duct Cleaning Explains Pet Dander

Everyone loves their pets, but not everyone loves the pet dander and odors that can accompany them. 

Our furry friends can affect the indoor air quality of our homes, leading to lingering smells and worsening allergies. 

What Is Pet Dander?

Pet dander refers to the tiny flecks of skin shed by cats, dogs, or any animal with fur or feathers. Even animals with short hair and those classified as “hairless” produce dander and release it into the environment.

These bits of skin and fur can trigger reactions in allergy sufferers. Dander isn’t the only issue allergy sufferers have to worry about. Dried saliva containing allergens can flake off from an animal’s coat and become airborne. When inhaled by an allergic person, problems begin.

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Pet allergens are very lightweight and small — much smaller, in fact, than other common allergens such as dust mites. Not only are pet allergens microscopic, but they also have a jagged shape. This shape makes it easier for the dander to stick to furniture, fabrics, and bedding. 

Because of their ability to stick to nearly anything, they can easily be carried in and out of the home. Dander is easily moved to public places like schools and grocery stores and can even be found in homes without pets.

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Removing Pet Odor From Homes 

Along with sneezing, pet dander can leave unpleasant smells lingering in our homes. You can start tackling pet odors by: 

Invest In Your Indoor Air Quality 

Cleaning and vacuuming can only go so far in keeping allergens and odors out of the air. When air ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, debris, pet dander, and dirt can circulate through your home. 

The Superior Air Duct Cleaning pros know you love your pets, even if they make you sneeze occasionally. You and your pets can breathe easier after a thorough residential air duct cleaning. Contact us in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio to see how we can help.

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