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Is Sanitizing Air Ducts Worth The Money?

The benefits of air duct cleaning are apparent: better energy efficiency and cleaner air. But what about air duct sanitization? Is it worth having? 

Superior Air Duct, serving Pittsburgh, PA., and Youngstown, OH, explains whether or not sanitizing ductwork is worth the money. 

Deciding Factors For Sanitization Services

Sanitization is perfect for homeowners who have: 

  • Shedding house pets 
  • Family members with sensitive lungs 
  • Ducts covered with mold after water leakage


What Is Air Duct Sanitizing? 

Trained, licensed air duct technicians apply a fogger spray to disinfect your air ducts.

While your VAC system is hooked to the air duct vacuum truck, the fine mist coating glides throughout your duct system under negative air pressure, perfectly sanitizing the area. 

The sanitization solution leaves no residue or lingering smells but is a protective barrier against future mold growth. 

What Is Air Duct Deodorizing? 

While sanitization kills off mold and bacteria buildup in your ducts, deodorizing goes an extra step, eliminating bad odors from your ductwork. 

A comprehensive cleaning process will often involve standard vacuum cleaning, sanitization, and, lastly, deodorization. 

Difference Between Air Duct Cleaning And Sanitization? 

Air duct cleaning removes debris from the system, whereas sanitization sterilizes the surface area. 

It’s a preventative measure typically completed right after cleaning takes place. It ensures that mold spores do not grow back for quite some time. 

Is Air Duct Sanitization Worth it? 

Not for most households. However… Many germs, bacteria, and even viruses often linger on the lining of air ducts. Sanitization kills off these harmful bacteria for your protection. 

So you can expect: 

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Breathability 
  • Comfort in the home or office 

Before you purchase air duct sanitization services, review your household’s needs. 

Older family members or those who struggle with breathing problems can greatly benefit from the added protection that comes from sanitizing. 

The decision to sanitize could be seasonal. Spring is a great time to do it. During the winter, people are indoors for longer periods, leading to more debris building up in the ductwork. 

Sanitizing the ducts helps to minimize the germs that might linger in your indoor air. It helps remove any asthmatic triggers family members may be susceptible to. 

Aside from residential homeowners, sanitizing ductwork is a must-have service for commercial properties — whether it be busy offices with lots of foot traffic or hospital buildings that require clean, fresh air for patient safety.

How Frequently Should Air Ducts Be Sanitized?

Every 2 years. There are no standard guidelines. So it depends on your situation.

Ask yourself this: 

  • Are there lots of pets that shed fur around the house? 
  • Was there a large construction project near your home recently? 
  • Are you suffering from ongoing breathing problems while inside your home? 

If the answer is “yes,” consider sanitizing your home once every year or two. 

Remember, choosing to buy or put off duct sanitization is dependent on your individual household’s needs.  

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