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Clean dryer lint trap.

Dryer Duct Cleaning How-To Guide

While Superior Air Duct does offer professional dryer duct cleaning to businesses and homeowners, we can also provide some handy tips. If you’re not looking for professional dryer duct cleaning (yet), then we have some advice in our blog for keeping your dryer duct clean.

Remember, this is just general advice for maintaining your dryer ducts. These practices won’t prevent you from ever needing professional cleaning. When you do, contact the professionals at Superior Air Duct Cleaning rather than doing some DIY.

Make Sure Your Dryer Is Unplugged

The first thing you need to do before you try dryer duct cleaning for yourself is to make sure your dryer is unplugged. As with any appliance, you should make sure it’s both switched off and unplugged before you do anything with it other than what it was designed for. While it’s unlikely you’ll be hurt, it’s always best to not take a chance.

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Remove the Dryer Tube

Once your dryer is unplugged, take a second to clean out the lint screen at the front. After that, it’s time to remove the dryer tube. The dryer tube is what connects the dryer to the vent, and directs the flow of hot air from the dryer to the outside. If you’ve never removed or installed a tube before, it’s fairly simple, but can require some fiddling to get it to fit. Check the kind of screws it’s fitted with and make sure you have the right kind of screwdriver.

Take out all the screws that hold the tube in place, and make sure you keep them safe so you can put them back in later. When you remove the tube, make sure you place it somewhere that it won’t fall or be damaged.

Vacuum The Vent

Once the tube is removed, you’ll need to use your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners have a hose attachment for vacuuming hard-to-reach places, and this is perfect for dryer duct cleaning. Use the vacuum attachment on the inside of the vent to get rid of lint, dust, and anything else that may be stuck in there.

Put Everything Back and Make Sure It’s Secure

Once everything looks clear, it’s time to put it all back. Just like taking it off, securing the tube to the vent outlet can take some fiddling depending on the design, but you need to make sure it’s secure. Replace the screws and fasten everything back into place.

Once it’s done, check to make sure that everything is secure and the tube is firmly in place. Then plug your dryer back in. The next time you dry laundry, check the vent outside to see if the air is flowing out properly.

Rely On Us For Superior Dryer Duct Cleaning

Remember, this is just some general advice, not specialized instruction. If you need more intensive dryer duct cleaning, then talk to the pros at Superior Air Duct. We provide professional air duct cleaning services in Boardman, OH and New Brighton, PA to both commercial and residential clients. Find out more about our duct cleaning services, or get in touch with us today.

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