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drilling into foundation of home during renovation

Air Duct Cleaning Tips After Home Renovation or Construction

Home renovations are pretty much a giant dust bomb waiting to go off in your air duct system. Luckily, there are ways that you can prepare for the worst, like covering your vents and registers.

But what if it’s too late and the ducts are filled with construction debris? Hindsight is 20/20! You’ll need to call a professional for a residential duct cleaning service like Superior Air Duct, to make sure your ducts are clean and your indoor air quality is healthy. 

First and foremost…

Is Cleaning Your Air Ducts Worth it After a Renovation?

Yes! Every home should have its air ducts cleaned once a year or every few years. It gives you and your family better air quality and a better standard of living. But after a renovation, you’ll definitely need your ducts cleaned as soon as possible. 

As is the case with major home renovations, you’ll be knocking down walls, taking out upholstery, and stripping out the interior of a home, so there’s bound to be an unavoidable mess of drywall and sawdust entering your air duct vents and getting them all dirtied up. 

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Vents 

Removing the potentially toxic construction materials from your home is important for maintaining your health. If your vents aren’t cleaned out and sanitized, your quality of life could suffer — along with your HVAC unit.

A clean air duct system will ensure that your indoor air quality is high, giving you healthy, breathable air. It will also make sure that all of the efforts your HVAC system makes to heat and cool your home is not in vain or stagnated by clogged, filthy ducts.  

The Consequences of NOT Cleaning Your Air Ducts After Home Construction 

  • All of the dust and debris particles will still be trapped in your vents. Every time your HVAC runs, a fine coat of dust will show up on your furniture, carpet, and refrigerator. 
  • The dirt and dust in your duct can move back into your HVAC, covering the coils and lowering your system’s energy efficiency (driving up your monthly bill).
  • You’ll be breathing in really bad air, increasing your chances for allergies, and negatively impacting your lungs and overall health. 
  • It’ll block the efficiency of your HVAC system and negatively impact its longevity, leading to costly repairs or a full replacement down the line. 
  • Dust blocking the vents can cause moisture to condense or pool, causing mold growth.

Prepare Your Air Ducts Before Home Renovations

You can mitigate or avoid dirty air ducts during your home renovation efforts with just a few simple practices: 

  • Do not run your HVAC during construction renovations
  • Buy vent covers
  • Close your vents (temporarily) 
  • Upgrade your HVAC system 

The EPA gives you some tips and suggestions on how to prevent dust, dirt, and grime from entering your duct system. 

Change Your Air Filters (After Construction is Done)

Buying a few spare air filters and changing out the old ones after your home renovations or construction project is over is mandatory. 

There’d be no point in changing your air filters out before you start construction. If they’re dirty, leave them. Let them get dirtier until you’re finished, then remove them during or after a comprehensive duct cleaning.

Service the HVAC System

Get a licensed HVAC company to troubleshoot your HVAC system and make sure things are still working properly, and that none of the particles have entered the core unit, impacting the motor fan, coils, or anything else.

Here’s Why You Should Avoid a DIY Air Duct Cleaning

Doing it yourself might take longer than expected, and you might not get it as clean as a professional duct cleaning service would. There’s also the added risk of being exposed to toxic elements while cleaning your duct system (animal waste, asbestos, etc.). Let a professional team of duct cleaning technicians take care of it instead. 

How Does Superior Air Duct Clean Your Duct System?

We work diligently to inspect the system, identify any red-alert issues or pending concerns, use state-of-the-art industry equipment to fully clean the ducts, deodorize and sanitize them, and perform a final service checkup after it’s all done.  

Hire Superior Air Duct for Professional Duct Cleaning

We’ve been helping customers clean, sanitize, and deodorize their air ducts for years, ensuring you and your family have quality indoor air. Contact us for more information today. To schedule a cleaning service for your home or business, call us in western PA or eastern OH.

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