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Our team of cleaning professionals can analyze your property’s layout, as well as the size, scope, and complexity of the duct system to provide you with an accurate cost estimate free of charge.

What to Expect

Superior Air Duct’s Cleaning Process:

Inspecting Your Ducts

We provide full transparency before, during, and after our cleaning process. After an initial phone call, our technicians will show up on-site to explain what’s to come at length, performing a full-scale assessment of your duct system, and setting up the necessary equipment for the job.

Power Vacuum Trucks

We run a big vacuum hose from our truck that gets connected to the air ducts near the furnace. This puts the system under negative suction. Then we have a small airline that we take to each register, followed by an air whip tool that travels through the ductwork, whips around inside the ducts, and also blasts the dirt with high air pressure, scrubbing every inch of the air ducts.

Quality Review

Cleaning will be documented with before and after pictures. You will have the pictures emailed to you usually within 24 hours of having your air ducts cleaned.

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