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Superior Air Duct: How To Prevent Buildup In Vents

Do you notice a lot of buildup in ducts and vents in your home or business property? Superior Air Duct can help! We offer professional duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients, but we can also offer advice. In this blog, we’re going to offer some simple tips for preventing buildup in your ducts and air vents. Of course, Superior Air Duct’s professionals are always ready for your call if you need some heavy-duty help.

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Change Your Filters Regularly

The most obvious step in preventing buildup in ducts and vents is to keep things clean. Your A/C filters are an especially vital part of this, and switching them for clean ones regularly helps keep things fresh and save on your energy bill. You should replace the filters at least every three months to avoid higher energy bills and the spread of dust.

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Clean Your Vents With Dryer Sheets

A more unusual tip that Superior Air Duct can offer is to clean vent and duct inlets with dryer sheets. Regularly cleaning these inlets is a good way to stop build-up before it starts, but using dryer sheets can make your regular cleaning even more effective. Dryer sheets are designed to remove dust and lint, and their anti-static design can actually help to prevent the build-up of dust over a longer period.

Cleaning The Parts Of The Duct You Can Reach

You can clean almost any part of an air vent or duct that you can see and easily reach. However, Superior Air Duct’s team does want to remind you that just because something is accessible doesn’t mean it’s safe. Be careful with any HVAC or A/C equipment and components. If you’re worried about either hurting yourself or damaging your home or business’s airflow, it’s best to call a professional company like Superior Air Duct for help.

A Few Tips For Preventing Pests

You should also think about pests when you’re doing some regular cleaning of ducts and vents. Check for rodent droppings or anything that indicates small animals or pests have been chewing on things. Think about getting some mesh screens and make sure you fill in cracks or gaps between vents, ducts, and the walls. Regular cleaning of ducts and vents can also help to cut down on pest problems.

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While these tips are usually effective, they won’t prevent build-up forever. Eventually, you’ll need air duct cleaning services for ducts and vents. That’s where Superior Air Duct comes in. We can provide air duct and dryer duct cleaning, insulation removal, and even duct cleaning training. We serve clients in Boardman, OH, New Brighton, PA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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