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Whole Home Disinfection

Sanitize your home with 100% natural, safe and eco-friendly essential oils that protect against viruses and bacteria in your home.

Disinfecting Homes and Offices

Experience a cleaner, healthier home and office with advanced, fast-acting fogging treatments that use all-natural essential oils for all surfaces – leaving no stains or residue.


    Dry fog moves through vent systems and reaches ALL surface types


    Uses natural essential oils, organic salts & nano-technology


    Travels through HVAC system disinfecting hard-to-reach areas


    Non-toxic & safe for children and pets & sensitive electronics


    ZERO abrasions, wetness or residue particulates


    10-minute dwell time gives you fast-acting results

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How it Works

We apply dry fog into the return registers of your HVAC system, dispensing the solution throughout the entire house, reaching areas that sprays and wipes CANNOT get.

  • Third party lab-tested against COVID-19
  • Attacks mold and fungus
  • Eliminates buildup of bacterial colonies
  • Removes allergens
  • Reduces spread of influenza

Minimize Risk of Viral Contaminants

A fine mist is floated on all frequently-used areas of the home or office, covering faucets, counter-tops, furniture and more. Dry fog application takes 1-2 hours and provides protective coating for up to 30 days! Every portion of your home is properly disinfected and kept safe from dangerous contaminants:

  • Salmonella infection
  • Natural-occurring fungus
  • Microbial infections
  • Pneumonia
  • COVID-19
  • E. coli
  • Bacteria that causes Staph
  • Infection
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A Safe, Secure, and Science-Backed Choice

Quick, Reliable Results

Enjoy peace of mind and security knowing that you and your family are safe from dangerous contaminants. Using Soldaguard, a 100% natural, eco-friendly fogging treatment, we get results fast.

Professional Service

Our background-checked, trained and certified technicians will answer every question before, during, and after your whole home sanitization service is complete.

Beyond Home Disinfection

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Whole home disinfection is a comprehensive cleaning process that eliminates viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens from your home’s surfaces and air. Unlike regular cleaning, it uses specialized techniques and products to ensure a higher level of hygiene, focusing on both visible and microscopic threats.

Regular cleaning removes dirt, dust, and some germs from surfaces by physical action, typically using soap and water. Whole-home disinfection goes a step further by using EPA-approved disinfectants to kill bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on surfaces and in the air, providing a deeper level of cleanliness.

Yes, the disinfection process is safe for both your family and pets. The disinfectants used are EPA-approved and chosen for their effectiveness and safety. Technicians are trained to apply these products carefully, ensuring no harm to humans or animals. We recommend vacating the area during treatment and following any specific instructions provided by the service team for optimal safety.


To prepare your home for disinfection, we recommend decluttering surfaces to allow easy access for our technicians, securing any pets, and covering any sensitive items or electronics as advised during the initial assessment. We’ll provide detailed preparation instructions tailored to your home before the service.

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