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Duct Disinfecting and Deodorizing

Duct Disinfecting And Deodorizing

Air duct disinfection and deodorization eliminates bad-smelling mold and bacteria in your duct system.

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Our technicians use a special antimicrobial fogging treatment to get rid of any foul-smelling bacteria and to leave your property smelling fresher. Our sanitization methods create a protective seal on your duct’s lining to deter future bacterial growth.

Duct disinfecting and deodorizing is a specialized cleaning process that eliminates harmful microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold, from your HVAC ductwork. It also neutralizes unpleasant odors that may accumulate over time due to pets, cooking, smoking, and other sources, ensuring that the air circulating through your home is clean and fresh.

Indoor air quality significantly impacts health, comfort, and the overall well-being of household occupants. Duct disinfecting and deodorizing remove harmful pathogens and unpleasant smells, enhancing the air quality in your home. This process can help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, reduce the risk of respiratory infections, and improve the overall living environment.

Yes, when performed by professional technicians, duct disinfecting and deodorizing is safe for both humans and pets. Professionals use EPA-approved, non-toxic disinfectants and deodorizers that effectively kill germs and neutralize odors without leaving harmful residues.

Yes, in addition to improving indoor air quality, duct disinfecting and deodorizing can also enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system. By removing dust and debris that restrict airflow, your heating and cooling systems can operate more efficiently, potentially lowering your energy costs.

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Disinfect & Deodorize

Our hospital grade, EPA-registered disinfecting products are highly effective against dangerous biofilm and microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, viruses and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Our process helps keep your duct system mold free for longer while keeping your family and pets safe.

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