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Superior Air Duct Cleaning: Common Mold Types Found in Air Ducts

Mold thrives in moist conditions, and it can be highly toxic. If it has been a while since your last air duct cleaning, mold and bacteria may begin to develop in the HVAC system. It’s important to recognize the different forms of mold early on before it spreads to other areas of your home. Today, the Superior Air Duct Cleaning blog looks at some common types of mold found in your air ducts, and we explain how exposure to them can be dangerous to human health.

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1. Acremonium

Acremonium is a type of mold that can produce toxins, and it appears as a white powdery substance. It usually grows in damp places, such as cooling coils, drain pans, humidifiers, and window sealants. Exposure to acremonium can lead to disease in the immune system and bone marrow.

2. Chaetomium

Chaetomium mold has a cotton-like texture that tends to change color over time. It commonly grows on water-damaged walls, but it can also show up in air ducts. Chaetomium has a musty odor and may cause skin infections.

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3. Mucor

Mucor is an allergenic form of mold that grows near HVAC systems. Its color appears white or gray, and it typically grows in thick patches due to humidity from condensation. Exposure to mucor can cause asthma or aggravate existing asthma conditions. Therefore, you should contact a professional to remove it as soon as possible.

4. Stachybotrys

Stachybotrys (aka black mold) is another mold type found in your air vents and ducts. While Stachybotrys is easy to identify, it’s toxic because it spreads quickly over time and may cause allergic reactions. It’s vital to prevent your children from being exposed to black mold, so if you spot it, call a mold remediation professional right away.

5. Trichoderma

Trichoderma grows on wet surfaces, such as air conditioning filters. This allergenic mold type is generally white with green patches and looks like spores. Trichoderma expands rapidly and is a constant threat in your home, primarily where condensation builds up.  

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Air Duct Sanitizing from Superior Air Duct Cleaning

After cleaning your air ducts thoroughly, Superior Air Duct Cleaning offers an air duct sanitizing service to make sure your HVAC system stays clear. Using a special antimicrobial treatment, we sanitize and deodorize your ducts to eliminate bacteria and mold. Contact our team or call 1-800-803-3828 today for a free quote or more information.

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