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Superior Air Duct Cleaning – The Difference Between Cleaning And Sanitizing Air Ducts

You’ve certainly heard by now, especially if you’ve read these blogs, how important it is to keep the ductwork of your home or business clean. The experts at Superior Air Duct Cleaning have spoken about the healthy living and working environment that clean ducts provide. But what about sanitizing your air ducts? What exactly is the difference? Read today’s blog by the pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning and find out.


A Slightly Different Objective

Air duct cleaning is meant to rid your ducts of any debris clogging vents and any mold and bacteria that can intensify allergies. A thorough cleaning will make your system run more smoothly and help you and your family breathe easier. In the process of cleaning your air vents, harmful organisms like mold and dust mites are removed. Sanitizing will do this as well, and it’s designed to specifically kill bacteria that might be lingering in your duct system. Sanitizing should also eliminate any odors that might be lingering as well.

A Slightly Different Method

Both air duct cleaning and sanitizing are designed to rid air ducts of anything harming the air supply. To accomplish this, traditional cleaning methods use heavy-duty vacuums, pressure hoses, and cleaning tools. Sanitizing is done the same way, with the addition of a special microbial treatment that rid your air ducts of harmful bacteria and mold. This process also keeps your air ducts sanitized and pleasant smelling longer.

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Why Sanitize?

If your air duct system has gone a long time without professional cleaning, bacteria, and mold have likely built up within the system. A sanitation and deodorizing treatment will ensure that all the harmful bacteria and mold have been killed.

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It’s Preventative

Not only does the sanitation process from Superior Air Duct Cleaning kill harmful mold and bacteria, but it also helps keep air ducts clean for a longer period of time. Mold must have organic matter as a food source to grow. This includes skin cells as well as pet and human hair. Once your air ducts have been cleaned, the mold will be gone, but the mold doesn’t go away forever. Sanitizing and deodorizing your air ducts creates a seal that will prevent mold issues from arising.

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