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Air Duct Cleaning: Proper Cleaning Methods

When you hire Superior Air Duct Cleaning, you receive a comprehensive cleaning of your HVAC system to improve the air quality in your home or business. From hand-held vacuums to negative pressure devices to air whips, different tools and techniques have evolved over the years to collect debris and clean air ducts. Before you hire a duct cleaning company, it’s best to learn about the different methods for air duct cleaning. In today’s blog, our team explains some of these techniques.

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Source Removal Air Duct Cleaning

Source Removal is the mechanical cleaning of your HVAC system, consisting of two elements: extraction and mechanical agitation. Since dust and debris often stick to the inside of air ducts, mechanical agitation loosens them from the duct’s walls. Then, extraction helps remove dust and debris to meet industry standards.

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Point Of Contact Air Duct Cleaning

The point-of-contact cleaning method is effective and safe for your air ducts and vents. It uses a handy HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered vacuum and spinning brush to clean the ductwork. The vacuum’s high velocity allows it to lift and remove the debris from your air ducts, and the filter helps prevent cross-contamination. Although this air duct cleaning method is effective, new technologies are developing that will continue to improve the cleaning process.

Truck Mounted Air Duct Cleaning

Some air duct cleaning technicians utilize a portable vacuum to clean the HVAC system, while others perform truck-mounted vacuum cleaning. The truck vacuum method (also called air sweeping) is meticulous and does an excellent job of carefully removing allergens and dirt.

The pros at Superior Air Duct Cleaning use the best vacuum within a 300-mile radius. Our advanced vacuum truck carries a 195hp motor that thoroughly cleans your air ducts and stops the spread of contaminants to your home’s living areas.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning Point of Information: We do not use steam cleaning or any other methods that involve moisture. Modern ductwork components rely on sensitive technology to operate, and moisture can damage components of the HVAC system.

Superior Air Duct Cleaning: A Cut Above the Rest

At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we’re in business to keep your family safe and your indoor air healthy. We are NADCA-certified, and we go above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Contact us in western PA or eastern OH to experience our superior duct cleaning service!

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