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Superior Air Duct Cleaning: How Can I Improve My Indoor Air?

Ways To Improve Your Indoor Air This Summer

Whether you love summer weather, or you dread extreme heat and humidity, we all need to breathe clean air to stay healthy. Since we frequently use the AC during the summer months, this can cause mold to grow, which affects our indoor air quality. So, you may wonder how you can improve your indoor air to protect yourself from breathing in toxins and developing allergies or infections. The Superior Air Duct Cleaning blog provides some steps you can take to enhance the air quality in your home this summer.

Dust Consistently And Vacuum Often

Stagnant indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. People spend a lot of time inside to avoid the heat, but exposure to indoor air pollution can present many health risks. However, you can help by dusting your home consistently, which will make it easier to vacuum whatever gets swept onto your floors. Dander, pollen, and dust tend to land in carpets and rugs, but if you vacuum them weekly, it will help reduce dust mites and dirt.  

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Consider House Plants

House plants help purify your indoor air, even in the summer. While the selection may vary based on where you live, we suggest indoor plants like Boston Ferns, Bamboo Palms, and Spider plants, which are easy to grow and easy to manage. Whatever you choose, you can bring nature inside to filter the air and create fresh oxygen.  

Change Your Air Filters Each Month

Clogged, dirty filters allow the dust and debris to re-circulate back inside your home, which contributes to unhealthy air. You should change your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We suggest changing it monthly, as a clean filter will remove airborne particles and keep your airflow healthy.  

Schedule Residential Air Duct Cleaning

You can follow all the above recommendations, but if you have dirty air ducts, it will be counterproductive. If you’ve never had your system cleaned or you know it has been a while, schedule residential air duct cleaning today. Our technicians will use a powerful vacuum to remove airborne dust from your ducts, making sure your air is clean, and your duct system runs efficiently.

Experience Our Superior Cleaning Service

At Superior Air Duct Cleaning, we make it our mission to rid your home of pollutants and improve your air quality. We serve Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio areas, and we’re committed to the health and happiness of our customers. Contact us today in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio to receive the best duct cleaning service in the business.

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